Jake’s Plaque is Done!


Jake and his custom copper letter-board.
Jake and his custom copper letter-board.

Jake’s plaque is done! As many of you may know, my brother died, was brought back to life, spent 48 days in a coma, was not expected to wake up, woke up and is moving on with his life. You can follow his story at the website I built for him, WakeTheJake.com. Unfortunately when he woke his speech was gone as well as his coordination for writing or typing. So I made him a custom letter-board out of copper and mounted it on a nice piece of ash. Now he can communicate by touching the letters, numbers and symbols.




All of the artwork was hand done in Illustrator and Photoshop. The font is a take on the DaVinci Font. The artwork features, Forget-Me-Nots, the sign language numerical system, angel wings, a hat (an inside joke), tacos, the Taco Bell logo (head over to the WakeTheJake website for that story), my name, his name and some facial recognition triggers (you can use SnapChat to find them), the Jedi symbol and several other hidden eggs. My favorite part, my fingerprints that have been etched into the copper are placed so that my brother can lay his hands on the board and his prints are touching my prints.

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This is probably my favorite piece I’ve ever done. This one literally has my blood, sweat and tears in it. My family and I witnessed a miracle with my little brother Jake and somehow he’s come back to us, his wife and kids and now the millions of fans he has around the world.


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