Bob Odegaard Memorial Plaque

BOBILLUSTRATIONOriginal drawing I did to make the engraved Bob Odegaard copper plaque.

17992244_10212779537628724_582182137919359453_nThe finished plaque engraved in 18″x12″ in .25″ solid copper.

18010462_10212779538908756_3874608292542884753_nDetail of the engraving of BobOdegaard in his Goodyear F2G Super Corsair.

18033937_10212779542228839_1265143316789227280_nDetails of one of the smaller Mustangs.

17951459_10212779538028734_6533319694974612229_nSmaller pictures showing one of his P51Mustang, waving at the viewer and the inside of the P51 Mustang Cockpit. The background is a map showing where he crashed as well as his private airport.

17992031_10212779538308741_6474338614668339283_nClose up of his name badge, Aviators and his electric guitar.

17952620_10212779544508896_5739659885091944634_nClose up of his leather pilot’s helmet.

17903529_10212779541628824_7894931786559743917_nDetail of the guitar and feathers.

17992094_10212779539148762_562188304697245284_nThe Missing Man Formation.

18010360_10212779542668850_3151746950450221225_nOriginal Air Force illustration showing new pilots the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, etc positions.

18033987_10210270059041087_740977061238141997_nBob’s wife receiving the memorial plaque from Billy who commissioned me to do the plaque.

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Designer and engraver.

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