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My Personal Ouija Project is… DONE!


I have been working on this personal copper Ouija project for quite a while now and I have finally finished the artwork. Tomorrow I will be etching and painting will happen over the next few days. This will be mounted to a VERY old piece of wood I have been given from a 10th century European monastery with an amazing backstory.

There is so much more to tell you about what I’m doing to this project but I want to wait until it’s completely done. I’ll update a.s.a.p.

Jake’s Plaque is Done!


Jake and his custom copper letter-board.
Jake and his custom copper letter-board.

Jake’s plaque is done! As many of you may know, my brother died, was brought back to life, spent 48 days in a coma, was not expected to wake up, woke up and is moving on with his life. You can follow his story at the website I built for him, WakeTheJake.com. Unfortunately when he woke his speech was gone as well as his coordination for writing or typing. So I made him a custom letter-board out of copper and mounted it on a nice piece of ash. Now he can communicate by touching the letters, numbers and symbols.




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